In an earlier post, I talked about the importance of simple, pass-on-able tools for helping other people grow. Here's the first of three resources I will introduce you to (or remind you of) as you help others pursue God.

We can find a hint to the beginnings of disciplemaking if we look to the creation narrative. In whose image were we created, and why?

One important role as a Christ-following influencer is to ensure the generation behind us is prepared and developed to follow Christ and help others do the same. In other words, we are to be thinking of “baton passing”! In the business world, it’s called “succession planning.”

Lately I’ve been amazed at the opportunities to invest in the next generation – both believers and nonbelievers. If we had the time, we could be coaching and mentoring people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s full-time. Full-time mentoring is not God’s plan for Pam and me right now, as I’m currently serving as U.S. president of The Navigators, so we take the opportunity to build into the lives of a few men and women God has placed in our paths.

Coming off the Fourth of July weekend, it’s interesting how we can mix discipleship with many things – patriotism, political views, even views on various theological areas. In my previous post, I mentioned my friend’s perception of what it means to be “godly” and I briefly defined the Greek word “disciple” mathētēs—used for Jesus’ followers—as learner or pupil.

The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of repaying a good deed done to you by doing something kind for someone else rather than for the person who was kind to you.  “Paying if forward” rather than “paying it back.”

The method of training people in a trade or art through mentoring—called “apprenticeship”—is not as prevalent as it once was. This year I had the chance to visit the art district of Raleigh, North Carolina. Moore Square is home to artists of all kinds, a community of friends, many of whom take pleasure in mentoring the next generation of artists.

The world is overflowing with the idea of fertility and generations. From the beginning of human history, one of God’s first directives to His people was to be “fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28). From a physical point of view, that means, “have sex and make babies.” God’s creation reflects this theme through every living being. The survival and legacy of any living thing, be they animal or plant, is seen in its ability to reproduce: butterflies must lay eggs and bear caterpillars, sheep must bear lambs, trees produce seeds and seedlings. This is portrayed all the way down to the microscopic world.

Welcome to my blog! I’m going to begin by posting around the theme of my personal calling in life: investing in the lives of others, especially the next generation.

I am currently reading Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak. It’s a very good read on the topic of vocation and calling. He speaks of the idea that calling is not something we attempt to achieve, but a gift we are to receive.  He encourages us to observe our life and listen to what it tells us about who we are and what our God-given passions are.