Have you ever built shelves or hung a picture and used a level to make sure it was straight? Leveling something without this tool is particularly difficult if the only point of reference is something else that is not level.

In recent years, it seems that in some parts of the Body of Christ we can see a kind of polarization taking place.

Throughout history, God’s people have dwelt among varied cultures, cultures with both redeeming values and values in contrast to the desires of God.

We’ve all experienced forks in the road. Times when we’ve desperately needed clear direction and guidance on important decisions. When the situation is a crisis or there’s a lot to be lost, fear can make me function on my own and take my own counsel. But that’s a limited perspective, isn’t it?

In a world filled with information where the Internet offers us countless numbers of books and lists of best sellers in 100s of categories, where are the words from the mouth of God found?

As a young believer, I was encouraged to take advantage of all the benefits of God’s Word. Today, an illustration that helps me consider the ways that I can interact with the Scriptures is the “Hand Illustration.” The “Word Hand" shows five very important methods of learning from the Bible.

One of the last things the apostle Paul passed along to his apprentice and team member, Timothy, was this statement: “Do your best to present yourself to God as one...who correctly handles the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15 NIV, emphasis added).

As I consider my relationship with God, interacting with His Word, I periodically do an assessment of my “appetites.”

One strong motivation to be people impacted by the Word of God is this: God’s Word is one of His most powerful means for changing our lives!

With our access to more information, more media, and more people, comes an increase in temptation. People who try to live life without the consistent instruction of the Scriptures are living in harm’s way without the protection provided by God.