What would life be like if we truly believed what we read about Jesus in Colossians?

A number of years ago, a friend of mine and I began climbing Pike’s Peak in Colorado each year, up the Barr Trail. It’s a 26-mile round trip trek. Well before the water station, as I drank from my Camelbak water tube, I heard that sickening sound … only air … the water was gone. Bummer.

I find that most of us read the Parable of the Two Sons in Luke 15 through the filter of years of tradition rather than good interpretation. The clincher of the story comes when Jesus tells the response of the older son to the father’s gracious receiving back of the younger brother! The main message? Missed grace!

There’s a bug going around the office. Break out the hand sanitizer! Jesus hung out with “sick” people and everyone knew it. It was obvious they were spiritually sick—the “messed up” people that “good” folks looked down on and stayed away from.

When we look out in our world at those far from God, what are the first emotions that come into our heart?Anger (at the effect of sin on our world)? Disgust (by other people’s sin)? Self-Righteousness (comparing our sin with theirs)? What is Christ's response?

If your life were a reflection of the God you follow and believe in, what would those looking on say your God was like? Many of us reflect a God who is distant, with little involvement in a messy world, except to announce rules to keep things in order.

Do you really expect God to do something today? I mean really do something?

What does it mean to be made in the image of God? It’s an amazing truth; we were created to reflect the nature and character of God.

God, in His eternal existence, models how His people are meant to relate, and the desired nature of our existence. Have you ever stopped to contemplate God’s purpose for our relationships in the Body of Christ that are expressed in His very nature?

A picture comes to mind every time I think of Isaiah 41:13. It’s a picture from long ago, when my kids were small, of me walking with one of my daughters—she’s holding my right hand. What confidence it gave her, a little toddler unsure of the rocks on the path, to take the next step. Why? Because of whose right hand she was holding!