I was a sophomore in college when it happened. My life changed . . .

Jesus’ calling applies to and empowers every believer. It’s not just pastors, cross-cultural missionaries and “super-Christians” who can really know Him and make a difference in the world. It’s you and me! God sent us as “missionaries” right where we live, work, and play.

"People loving Jesus and embedded in a broken world, purposefully send waves of the gospel out into the lives of other people..." This is a quote from my message on spiritual generations at the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference this spring. Click here to hear the video message!

As you look at the effect of your life, are you hoping for a splash or a ripple? Check out this video about The Navigators hope to see hundreds of thousands of everyday people, who in the context of a community of friends, are experiencing and advancing the Gospel in the normal pathways of life.

Earlier this week I shared some of my story and thoughts on authentic discipleship with Neil Stavem at Faith Radio, including what I think is the longest 20 yards in the kingdom. Click here for highlights or to listen to the entire podcast (audio links are at the bottom of the page).

Are you inspired by this blog? We have worked with NavPress to create a 30-day devotional, Five Traits of a Christ-follower, that interacts with Scriptures on five important characteristics of those who follow Christ -- the same characteristics focused on in this blog.

I’m taking a few days of rest! I hope you’ll find this post inspiring from guest blogger Mutua Mahiaini, The Navigators international president. Mutua talks about how spiritual generations are God’s effective method for increasing His Kingdom.

What did Jesus say about being a disciple? If Jesus heard that question, he might say, “I’m glad you asked! I actually spent a good bit of time teaching about that very topic!” We don’t need to cobble a bunch of random verses together to get an answer; He’s laid it out for us.

I was watching some clouds and thunderstorms develop out east from our home yesterday. Just "ordinary" clouds that show up many summer afternoons. As I took the time to pause and look at the clouds I noticed their beauty. You know, God doesn't make junk, and every creation if His, even the ordinary, everyday ... even you and I, bear His mark. We have value and use to Him.

Recently, on a fishing trip to a high country lake, I made an interesting observation. When there weren’t waves, we caught NO fish. When the waves picked up, things changed!  The waves bounced through the shallow waters, waking up the submerged bug life—putting them into the water in reach of the fish. The sandy shore spread into the shallows clouding the water just a bit, making it harder for the fish to tell the flies we were offering were fake bugs! The waves change everything – and the fish began to bite.