Healthy Rhythms in a Fast-Paced World

How do we as believers and leaders live with healthy rhythms in a fast-paced world?
To change it up a bit, here is a 5-minute video interview* on this very topic (this topic starts at 1:23 and end at 6:35 – full interview is 11 minutes).
What things help you live with a healthy rhythm?
*From the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference

Doug Nuenke
Thanks for the encouragement, friends! Just getting back from some vacation time, part of my personal rhythm. Without slowing, its hard for me to stay connected to the heart of God.
9/14/2015 2:23:07 PM

How refreshing to think about taking breaks. I happen to know Doug and Pam are taking a few days to practice what they preach!
9/2/2015 8:55:22 AM

The whole video is worth the watch, Doug. Thank you for your encouragement. I've passed the link along to a friend who needed to hear this (as much as I needed to hear it). By the way, when you mentioned doing a "technology fast," for a second there I thought you were talking about "doing technology fast," which would save even more time! Again, you made some excellent points that I and others need to hear. Thanks for your leadership.
9/1/2015 2:47:19 PM

Gary Glenney
Great video, Doug, articulating Nav values, culture, and vision.
I will use this, a great resource, as I meet with groups and people.
This year is my 50th year around Navs!
How encouraging to colabor with such a group led so well, encouraging me in one of my Lorne Sanny life verses acquired at the 1965 Whingding: "...always abounding in the work of the Lord..." 1 Cor. 15:58
Thanks for your competent leadership and great encouragement.
9/1/2015 12:51:30 PM

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